Agitated Trainee Leaves the Training Room

What if a trainee leaves the training room in protest against the will of the trainer? If such rare case happens such trainee is clearly the looser.

Keep your Calm

The trainer should just leave him get out of the room without jumping to him in an attempt to make him stay. The trainer should also not ask nor encourage the colleagues of such outraged trainee to attempt to go out after him asking him to stay or come back. The trainer should handle such a situation very calmly and with full confidence. The trainer should act as if nothing major has happened and continue the training session normally guarding against showing any stress in his tone of voice or actions.


What happens next is that the trainer has all the rest of the trainees with him in the training room all engaged listening to the trainer or carrying out lively training activities while the protesting trainee that had left the room in protest is by himself. Probably that annoyed trainee would not leave the building but would just be staying outside the training room.

At first, he might be thinking that his colleagues or even the trainer himself would rush after him and try to calm him down and ask him to come back again to the training room. Finding that none of this takes place and that his supposedly disruptive action has not resulted in the collapse of the training session such participant feels a great sense of sorrow and deep disappointment. He is there all by himself while the rest of his colleagues are all together and are with the trainer deeply engaged with him. Such a protesting trainee would feel as if he is in a kind of solitary confinement that he has imposed on his own self.


During the break, his colleagues may attempt to provide condolence to him finding him in a deep state of sorrow after having been highly agitated and outraged. In such broken state the trainer may speak to such a trainee and allow him to rejoin them in the training room if he so wishes.

This case of having one of the participants leave the room abruptly in protest and in a state of outrage without excusing himself first from the trainer is pretty rare yet a trainer should have the confidence and ability to deal with such a situation if ever it shows up.

Have you ever witnessed an angry participant during a meeting, training session or lecture? Tell us what happened.