Structure of a Training Session

New trainers are keen to know how a training session should be structured and in what sequence elements of a training session should be laid out when designing and delivering a training session. Below I will be proposing a structure for the first training session in a multi-session training program.

I would like to note from the start that the structure I am about to suggest here for the first training session is not set in stone and can be modified by adding or removing elements from it or by changing their sequence as needed or as seen appropriate by the trainer.

First Training Session

Here is the structure I am proposing for the first session of a training program:

  1. Start by introducing yourself as a trainer or have someone introduce you such as the organizer of the training.
  2. Provide the title and main elements or goals of the training program.
  3. Explain the training style you will be using during the training and its benefits.
  4. Set ground rules.
  5. Start with an ice breaker that includes fun introductions among trainees.
  6. Optionally follow up with a more thorough introductions activity that can be fun as well.
  7. Gather trainee expectations.
  8. Provide the rest of the training program elements such as pair work, group work, videos, role play and games.

Such elements would also form the content of the following training sessions. Other than the activity elements, there is also direct explanation by the trainer and answering trainee questions. You can also include questionnaires and written exercises and drawing that can be done individually by trainees.

Breaks are an important element to include during the training as well as time for summary and recap.

Next Training Sessions

As for the following training sessions they also include the same elements except for the initial one time elements of intros of the trainer, the trainees, the training program ice breakers, ground rules and trainee expectations.

During the following sessions such initial part is removed and replaced by one element only which is recapping of what took place during the previous training session. This is an important element and may take time yet it has great benefits and should not be skipped.

Again I would like to point out that the structure and sequence I am proposing here for the first and following training sessions is not set in stone and should be used only as a general guide by new trainers and can be modified as seen appropriate.

What change would you suggest to the sequence of training elements proposed here for the first training session in a training program?