Enhanced Internal Communication in Organizations

Employee Communication Skills

Many organizations suffer tremendously in terms of wasted time, energy and resources not to mention frustration, due to poor communication skills of its employees. Exceptional communication skills among employees of a company lead to a seamless workflow and a peaceful, highly productive environment at the workplace. Good communication skills are essential for all employees and not just for those dealing directly with clients such as customer service and sales employees. Internal communication among employees can make or break an organization.

Communication at Multinational Companies

If the organization is a multinational and multicultural one having employees from two or more different cultures and countries the issue of communication could be even more sever. In such cases selecting employees who have very good communication skills from the start is essential. In addition, communication skills training should be provided to all employees in order to keep communication flowing smoothly particularly across different cultures.

Indians and Egyptians Speaking

Different accents among people from different cultures who need to communicate with each other could present a great communication challenge. Let’s say a large organization has both Indian and Egyptian employees. The difference in accent among the two nationalities when they speak English is great. It could thus be a great challenge for members of the two groups to maintain good communication through verbal means alone.

Double Channel Communication

There are many ways by which communication among employees at any organization can be improved. One very handy and highly effective way to boost communication is to use more than one communication channels simultaneously to communicate the same message. The simplest form of this is to use verbal and written communication simultaneously to communicate a message. For instance you may send an email to someone (written communication) then call him and explain the email further (verbal communication). In such case you are using more than one communication channel at the same time namely verbal as well as written communication. This will boost the understanding as well as the retention of the communicated message.

Multi-Channel Communication

Besides verbal and written communication there is body language and using drawings. Intonation also can be a further subchannel that can be used to convey a lot of meaning. Let us say you are making some simple diagrams and drawings in addition to labeling such drawings and adding text while verbally explaining something to another person. Here you would be using three communication channels simultaneously namely the verbal, the written as well as the drawings. There is very little chance your message would not be understood in such a case.


Superior communication skills among all employees at an organization are essential for the success of that organization in particular if it includes employees of different nationalities. Using multiple communication channels simultaneously to communicate the same message can be a simple yet highly effective technique to boost communication among employees.

Have you suffered before from a situation of bad communication that caused you a lot of frustration at work? If so, tell us about it.


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