Preserving the Traveling Trainer’s Sanity

Feeling Stressed

When I first started to deliver training to corporate clients in other cities I usually had to spend my days at a hotel in such city. At first I used to spend the day delivering the training while remaining trapped in my hotel room, perhaps watching TV or in front of the computer, during the evening and night. I used to feel a lot of stress and it was very difficult for me to remain a few days in a raw like that.

Out in the Streets

Within a few months of traveling from one city to the other I learned to get out of the hotel room and go about exploring the city I was staying in. The stress I used to feel vanished completely and I found myself able to keep going for many days in a raw. I have finally managed to get out of my cocoon and discover the pleasures of walking in the streets of various cities to explore them.

Having Company

This is best done with others. Sometimes we went out together, myself and other members of the team responsible for organizing the training. At times we even went out with trainees, since they came from the city in which the training was being held and in which we were staying. Even just sitting at some cafe together talking was a great social activity that contrasted sharply with the solitary confinement I used to enforce on myself in my hotel room in the past.

Maintain your Sanity

So next time you are delivering training in another city try to get out of your hotel room every day, mingle with people and explore the city. This will help you maintain a much better state of mental and even physical health and would make your training days much more enjoyable and fun besides giving you the strength and stamina to go on delivering training for many days in a raw at that city.


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