Bad Habits Acquired by Trainees

It is important to realize that past experiences of trainees with other trainers may shape their behavior towards the current trainer especially if they are taking the training at the same place they have been taking it in with the previous trainer.

Annoying Side Talks

For instance let’s say trainees have been attending training with an incompetent trainer who speaks most of the time, does not allow trainees to express themselves, does not provide them with activities and shouts at them if they speak to one another while he is speaking. Such group of trainees might develop a habit of speaking to one another every time the trainer gives them his back to write on the whiteboard.

Let’s say a new trainer comes by to deliver another course to the same group of trainees in the same training room. Even if such trainer is a competent one providing trainees with ample opportunity to express themselves and carry out activities their previously acquired negative behavior of speaking whenever the trainer gives them his back might still persist.

One solution is to be patient until this bad habit subsides.

In what other ways do you think a trainer can assist trainees in breaking such bad habits?


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