Alternation and Variation in Training

Alternation is an important concept in training. A trainer should be able to use alternation during a training session and throughout the training program in order to guarantee a strong and effective training program.

Breaks in Between Training

Alternation can manifest in different forms during the training. For instance, a trainer should alternate between providing training and giving breaks to trainees during a training session specially for long training sessions. This alternation between training and breaks helps trainees revitalize themselves and be fresh and absorbent during the training. It creates a strong training session.

Alternating between Activities and Lecturing

Other than breaks, a trainer should also alternate between providing interactive activities for trainees and giving them direct information himself by speaking or presenting. This alternation makes trainees highly appreciate the interactive activities when the time for them comes and be highly attentive when the time comes for the trainer to present something or speak.

If the training becomes nothing else other than activities trainees might get exhausted and less appreciative of such activities. Likewise, if the training consists only of lecturing by the trainer, trainees get bored, become less attentive and the training as a whole becomes less effective.

Variation in Training Style

Breaks, activities and presenting are elements of alternation during a single training session. Across the whole training program there is also a third element of alternation namely alternation in training style. It could be a good idea that a trainer varies his or her training approach from one training session to the other. This could lie more under the concept of variation rather than alternation.

Variation of training style during a training program not only makes trainees less bored but it also provides them with different elements that build and satisfy their training needs in a way similar to how varying the type of food one consumes from one day to the other helps the body get what it needs from the various elements.

Alternation and the related concept of variation are two important concepts that allow for more enjoyable and useful training if used by the trainer appropriately.

What other forms of alternation can you think of that can be used in a training program?


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