Trainee Self Introductions

Icebreaker Combo

It is a good idea to allow for introductions among participants at the beginning of the training. This can be done during the icebreaker. In such case, introductions would be combined with a fun activity that would help participants loosen up and get familiar with one another.

Elaborate Self Intros

Introductions can also be made in a slightly more elaborate manner than the brief and fun icebreaker. For example, participants can work in pairs each getting a turn to introduce himself to his partner mentioning his name, his job and his interests. After both participants in each pair introduce themselves to one another, the trainer can then go around asking each participant one by one to introduce his partner to the whole class. This strengthens bonds among participants and improves group work later on during the training program.


Introductions also dissolve any need for recognition among participants and helps avoid characteristics of the difficult trainee arising.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to allow for introductions at the beginning of a training program in order to guarantee a smooth running of the program and better and closer participant interaction.

What other trainee self introduction methods have you experienced?


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