Using the Silent Pause During Training

Same as the artist or designer uses white space on a piece of paper to keep his design uncluttered a trainer can also make use of pauses of silence during the time he is speaking to grab the attention of the audience.

Side Talks

An additional benefit of a pause of silence by the trainer or another use of it is when there are side talks during the time when a trainer is explaining something to the audience or presenting something to them. Usually those having the side talk and not paying full attention to the trainer fall under the impression that they are not noticed by the trainer or that their side talk is not negatively affecting the training process or their other colleagues.

As the trainer throws a sudden pause of silence, while he is speaking, such participants engaged in a side talk are exposed to the rest of the audience. If the trainer accompanies that pause of silence with a look in their direction, as if waiting for them to finish, and effectively changing the focus of all the class towards the side talkers this puts them under even more pressure and makes them stop their side talk abruptly.

More Uses

It is important to note that a pause of silence is not only used by the trainer to silence side talks but it is a good tool also for grabbing the attention of participants.

It can also be used to allow information just mentioned to sink in in the minds of participants or to give them a brief moment of reflection. It can also be used during storytelling to have participants fully imagine what has just been narrated, to create structured divisions in the story or to create a sense of suspense.

A pause of silence is a technique with many uses that a trainer can use to his or her advantage if used effectively and at the right time.

What other uses can you think of for the pause of silence?


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