Trainer’s Self Feedback Notebook

The Self Feedback Notebook

If there is one thing that has continually improved my skill in delivering training it is the self feedback notebook. After completing each training course I sat down with a pen and my self feedback notebook trying to squeeze my brain and come up with any comments or discoveries I had for the training course I have just completed delivering.

I write my comments or feedback in the form of points after writing at the top of the page the name of the training course and the date. The process of writing down my comments and discoveries from the training course is mentally demanding and brain intensive.

Fresh Feedback

It is best to carry out this process right after the training course is complete preferably even on the same day when everything is still fresh in your mind. Waiting for a few days after the training course has been finished may make you forget and loose a lot of the valuable comments and lessons learnt during the training course.


After completing the list of points I then go through them once again this time writing +ve or -ve next to each one of them to identify if it is something I did good during the training or something I should be changing.

Repeated Courses

Even if I am delivering the same training course once again but to a different group of trainees I made a new listing in the notebook for it with its own set of comment points.

Refreshing Memory

Before delivering a new training course I found it to be extremely useful to have a look in that self feedback notebook to refresh my memory on positive and negative things I had done while delivering previous training courses.


I have later typed what was in my notebook on computer then grouped similar points together and condensed everything after analyzing all the self feedback points. This has become the backbone of my training of trainers course and the knowledge base for my training.


Finally, sharing such knowledge that I had gained through the years with others completes the loop of learning for me and helps me improved even further.

Beyond Trainee Feedback

It is important to note that the self feedback points should not be confined to feedback you get from trainees in the +ve and -ve sheets but expanded to your own personal observations and discoveries as you deliver the training course. You can even write such self feedback points before looking at the feedback sheets from trainees.

Your Turn

Finally, I would like to advise you to start a self feedback notebook of your own and expend the needed effort it takes to write in it after each training course you deliver in order to keep developing and rising as a trainer in a continual upward spiral.

How do you keep record of your own performance during delivering training or of lessons and insights you have gained from the training process?


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