Collecting Trainee Feedback

Trainer Development

One of the best methods ever for a trainer to improve his or her skills in delivering training and to advance with time is to continually gather and analyze feedback from trainees then adjust his or her training practices accordingly. The importance of such an activity in the advancement of a trainer cannot be overstressed.

Simple Feedback

There are several ways to collect feedback from participants. One of the simplest and easiest, yet most effective, methods for collecting trainee feedback is one I learned from an instructor who had been delivering business courses to us. That was around one year prior to my starting on my training career. If I remember correctly, he also told us that he had learnt it from his instructor.


The method is very simple. At the end of the last training session of a training program provide participants with two sheets of paper. Write “+ve” at the top of one sheet and “-ve” at the top of the other. Ask participants to write down their feedback about the training course in those two sheets of paper in the form of points.


If a trainee finds that what he wanted to say has already been written by a colleague he can just add a tick next to that point instead of writing that point again. Do not allow participants to discuss with one another what to write. Have each participant decide on his own what he should write.

Processing Feedback

After collecting such feedback from participants I used to go a step further by writing them down and condensing them in a notebook specially kept for such feedback.

What other interesting methods for collecting trainee feedback have you experienced?


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