Introducing the Trainer

Upon delivering the first training session to a new group of participants the trainer should first start by introducing himself or herself right after greeting them. Alternatively, if there is someone coordinating the training then such person can come up first and introduce the trainer then the trainer takes charge of the training session right after that.

When introducing himself or herself a trainer should first start by mentioning his name clearly then provide any brief background about any experience he has related to the training he is about to deliver. It is important that the trainer make participants respect his experience and skills and put their trust and confidence in him. This will make them more attentive during the sessions and more willing to participate. Participants will benefit much more from the training if they trust the trainer, respect him and are fascinated with his skill level.

This is not a luxury step nor does the trainer do it to boast but rather it is a necessity.

What information other than specialized experience do you think a trainer can also mention when introducing himself or herself?


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