The Training Course Boosting Effect

When one attends a training course then completes it and returns back to his original group of people who have not attended such a course he naturally discovers that his skill/knowledge level is higher than that of those around him unlike during the training course where his skill/knowledge level may have been close to those attending the training course with him. This is quite normal due to the instant effect of the training course in raising the skill/knowledge level of trainees attending it.

The interesting phenomenon noticed is that as the trainee returns back to his normal surroundings after completing the training course he finds that his skill level rapidly increases even though the training course has ended. The reason behind that is that when one finds himself/herself enjoying a skill level higher than those around him or her this acts as a boost further increasing his or her skill level rapidly.

Have you ever experienced such rapid boost in your skill level after completing a training course and returning back to your normal surroundings?


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